Sushi Making Kit Users Must Know How To Make Delicious Japanese Sushi

To taste real Japanese Sushi, of course, we need the original sushi recipe. This food is relatively easy to make and can be practiced by anyone at home. Even in some countries, children at school have started to be taught how to make Japanese sushi. Well, this time the crispy cake recipe will review what the ingredients are and how to make Japanese Sushi. Meanwhile, if you want to have an easier time preparing sushi, you can use a sushi making kit.

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Ingredients for Sushi Rice:

150 grams of Japanese rice (imported rice can be selected)
1/5 tablespoon of rice vinegar
1 glass of boiled water
Salt and sugar to taste

Ingredients for Sushi:

6 avocados (washed and cut lengthwise)
8 slices of zucchini (washed, remove seeds then cut lengthwise)
2 sheets of nori (choose size 19cm x 20cm)
6 crabs (choose the shape of the stick)
1/2 teaspoon black sesame (roasted)
1/2 teaspoon white sesame (roasted)

The steps to make sushi:

– Prepare rice for Sushi rice, wash it and then drain it.
– Mix the rice with 200 ml of water then cook the rice cooker or rice cooker until cooked.
– When it is cooked, pour the rice in hot conditions, let stand a few moments then we mix it with rice vinegar, salt, sugar and stir until it is completely even then covered with a clean cloth or cloth.
– When it’s cold we take the Sushi rice, put it in a fist (according to taste) then place it on the nori pan and flatten it (1 cm of nori sheet is left from the end).
– Sprinkle the black sesame and white sesame evenly to make it look attractive.
Next, turn the Sushi rice on top of the bamboo mat (also known as Makishu), then arrange the crab, avocado, and cucumber, then roll and compress.
– At this point the Japanese sushi production is complete and delicious sushi is ready to be served.

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