What Bearded Dragon Eats

Reptile lovers may be familiar with a unique animal called the bearded dragon. At first glance, the bearded dragon looks like an ordinary lizard but has a beard on its head. Bearded dragon, or whose scientific name is Pogona vitticeps, is a reptile originating from central Australia but has now been bred in several countries. Their native habitat is in arid forests, scrublands, savannas, and coastal areas. Bearded Dragon is classified as an omnivorous animal, so it can eat anything, both other animals and vegetables. Many are wondering about How Many Crickets to Feed a Bearded Dragon so make sure you check that out.

Types of vegetables that are often given, such as mustard greens and carrots. While the type of animal that they eat is caterpillars and crickets as many as 50 large-sized Bearded Dragons (adults) and 30 regular-sized ones (babies and juveniles). Feed is given every day and placed in a food container in the cage. For the Bearded Dragon to have a healthy body, strong appetite and smooth digestion, you should give 1 teaspoon of calcium specifically for reptiles, such as Exo Terra.

The bearded dragon is an omnivorous lizard that can eat all kinds of food, both animal and plant protein. Bearded dragon food or feed is usually in the form of small animals such as crickets, mice, and other small animals. The food should be adjusted to the size of the bearded dragon. If they are big, they can only be given to small animals such as white rats aged 1-2 days and so on. Now, for vegetables, bearded dragons can eat lettuce, carrots, kale, or fruits such as sweet oranges, seedless tomatoes, papaya, bananas, and others.

Bearded dragons are usually given their cage. The reason is, for large beardies, can usually be aggressive towards small ones and males will be territorial. The ideal cage for a bearded dragon is usually a vivarium, not a terrarium or aquarium. The Vivarium has 3 solid walls on 3 sides with glass on the front. If you don’t have a vivarium, you can use an aquarium with a net cover.

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