4 Benefits Of Watching Horror Movies

Horror movies have a lot of fans. Usually, people watch it in theaters or by streaming movies. For those of you who prefer to stream horror movies, you can try them at go 123 movies. There are lots of horror and the latest choices that you are ready to watch. However, did you know that watching horror films has health benefits?

Besides being able to trigger adrenaline, horror film fans also usually feel comforted when the film they watch manages to make his heart pound and gasp for breath. The question is, are horror films good or bad for health?

However, not all of the impacts given by horror films are negative. Some research shows the good effects of horror films.

1. Helps Burn Calories
It turns out that watching horror movies can help burn calories in your body, you know. This is of course good news for those of you who are looking to lose weight. According to research conducted by the University of Westminster, watching a horror film for 90 minutes can burn 113 calories. The number of calories is equivalent to when you walk for 30 minutes. The more spooky horror movies you watch, the more calories your body burns.

Horror movies are also said to be a way to get your adrenaline pumping. The hormone adrenaline is useful for increasing the body’s metabolism so that the energy stored in your body is burned or used faster.

2. Able to Reduce Stress
This may sound strange. How can horror films reduce stress, which in turn makes the audience even more stressed? According to Mark Griffith, professor of addictive behavior at Nottingham Trent University, this can happen for a variety of reasons. One of them is if you watch horror films because you want to feel something different that you haven’t even felt in everyday life. Also, watching horror films can be a way to release your emotions due to frustration or inner pressure. When you are stressed, you need to find an outlet that is useful to relieve your heart. Well, one way to do it is by watching horror films.

3. Good for Brain Health
Horror movies are thought to trigger the brain to release chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, and glutamate. Also, the adrenaline that is released when you watch horror films has an anesthetic effect similar to drugs. This compound is good for your mental health because it can reduce the stress and anxiety you feel.

4. Increase Immunity
Natalie Riddell, an immunologist at University College London reveals that the hormone adrenaline, which is produced as a fight-or-fight response while watching horror movies, can affect your immune system to become stronger.

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