About Me

What’s So Special About My Blog?

Hey My name is Robert Atadman and I am the founder, owner and editor at Hemlock Kills.It’s random. It’s so random that the internet will look pale compared to my blog. Well, maybe I exaggerated about my blog a bit, but hey, it’s not that often you find a blog which is not discussing a single topic. Just try to check out the other blogs out there, and you will find out that I’m correct! Although it’s normal for a blogger posts articles about a single topic over and over, the same thing won’t happen here. This blog is special, this blog is different, this blog is unique, and this blog swims against the current.

I know that some people might think it’s bad for my blog, but hey, it’s “my blog”, so I post whatever I want on it, as long as it can be beneficial of others and the articles can help people to learn about a lot of things without getting bored with a single topic. Furthermore, I also hope that my blog can entertain you in some way, due to if you find yourself read an article here about how to maintain your carpet, then by the time you’ve finished reading it and you click on the next article, you will find yourself stumbling upon an article which tells you how to survive when you play Call of Duty: Blackops IV.

It’s quite refreshing, isn’t it? It will be a lot more entertaining if you are used to those kinds of blogs that only post articles about that one topic repetitively. Moreover, when you really are bored with those kinds of blogs, but you really enjoy the time you spend when you are visiting other people’s blog, then I recommend you to visit my blog again when that happens. It’s because when you read through the articles on my blog, you will find yourself reading a lot of different articles, while you are also surprised every time you click on the next one, due to the previous article won’t be related to the next one at all.