You Must Pay Attention To Content And Clarity When Buying Diamond Rings

When you buy a diamond ring, besides the color, you also have to know the level or content of the diamond itself. To calculate it, you can’t just measure by volume but by weight. In this case, the unit of measurement for diamond content is called carat. It is similar to measuring gold content. But the carat size here is quite different from the gold one. When in gold, carat is an indicator of the purity level of a piece of jewelry. Apart from that, if you’re also looking for an excellent engagement diamond ring, we recommend you take a look at engagement rings Brisbane City.

While for diamonds, the carat level is seen from its weight. The bigger the diamond shape, the higher the carat. Of course, this will also coincide with the higher price. But of course not only seen by weight. Other factors may need to be considered, such as color.

Diamonds for fashion are not too big so that the carat will be small. Usually, a diamond with a size of 0.5 carats and above is a diamond that is suitable for investment. Of course, it would feel strange to choose a diamond that was too big for the ring.

Then, the best gemstones are the clearest. Diamonds are certainly not free from defects or other stains that can affect the clarity of the diamond. These defects are usually in the form of scratches, dots, or the shape water bubbles. The level of clarity is determined by the size of the defect.

Surely the bigger the defect, the greater the price will go down. The location of this defect then determines the grade or level of the diamond. GIA itself has made a standard regarding the clarity level of a diamond. The highest level is FL or Flawless. In this level, diamond has no defects.

The next grade is Internally Flawless or IF. In this grade, diamonds do not have defects on the inside. But there is a mark on the outside of the diamond that can only be seen with a special tool. The levels below are VVS or Very Very Slightly Included.

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