These 4 Luxury Yachts Are Owned By Hollywood Artists

Yachts are a type of luxury boats for sale that are used for recreation, or sailing. Ships of this type are notoriously expensive, ranging in price from $300 thousand to $8.4 million, and even more. Fantastic price, right? However, this nominal is not a big problem for Hollywood public figures. They could buy it easily thanks to his immense wealth. Want to know their yacht collection?

1. Billy Joel
Billy Joel is a 71-year-old R&B singer best known for the song “Just the Way You Are”. According to the Boat International page, Billy Joel is a luxury boat fanatic. It has the modern classic commuter cruise ship Vendetta. The 17-meter longship was specially designed by Doug Zurn. Billy Joel used this yacht to travel from his home on Long Island to another city to perform at a concert.

2. Steven Spielberg
The director of the film Jaws owns a megayacht called The Seven Seas. The 282-foot (85-meter) long ship was purchased for $184 million. The Seven Seas was built by Oceanco, a Dutch shipbuilding company. Inside is a swimming pool, helipad, 15-foot (4.5-meter) glass film screen, fitness room, spa, and massage room.

For accommodation, there is one master bedroom, two VIP suites, one cabin with twin beds, and two cabins with double beds. In total, this yacht is enough to sleep, twelve people.

3. Eric Clapton
This blues-rock guitarist owns a superyacht named Va Bene. The motor yacht, which was launched in 1992 by Cornelissen, is 46.51 meters long, according to the Boat International website. This three-deck ship can accommodate twelve guests. With twin Caterpillar engines, this superyacht can go up to a maximum speed of 18 knots. Besides Va Bene, Eric Clapton also has another yacht called Blue Guitar.

4. Johnny Depp
This yacht named Vajoliroja is owned by Johnny Depp. The yacht is named after a mixture of his name, his ex-wife (Vanessa Paradis), and their two children (Lilly-Rose and Jack). Then, in January 2016, the ship was bought by J. K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, and changed its name to Amphitrite. However, the yacht was sold in September 2016 for €17.5 million.

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