The Relation Of Dart And This Life

I never thought of playing darts that can be competed, even professionally to be shown on television. In a darts match, each player is given a certain time to stick a dart into the inner circle (inner bullseye) of the dartboard. I watched each player take one dart, then focus his gaze on the dartboard, his fingers holding the dart in a certain position, his hands held as straight as possible in the face of the deepest circle, then thrown at the target. When stuck right in the inner bullseye, that’s the victory. Every player looks serious and really pays attention to all aspects and then waits for the right time with the right strength to throw their darts to their best electronic dart board.

Whether played professionally or just a game, the method used is like that. I never thought there was a player who took every dart and then just threw in the hope of the many darts he threw, there was one or even a few who accidentally stuck in the inner bullseye. That will make a fool of yourself.

Each person is given the same time, no one in a day has 30 hours while the other 24 hours. But not all people are given the same lifetime, some are 60 years, 40 years, even 1 year. When we have to do many things in a certain period of time, time seems to fly, and we have to run and even fly to be able to do everything as soon as possible. But when there is nothing that can be done in a certain period of time, time creeps up, we choose to just sleep. Life is meaningless if we do nothing in it. Life becomes meaningful if we can do many things in it even with the success we want.

In the darts, many things must be taken into account such as how to hold, the direction of the hand, the power of throwing with the eyes that continue to be fixed on the inner bullseye. Darts are not played as fast as possible, but with the exact calculation. It is just a game. Maybe our life can be better if we apply some strategies and calculations like we do when we play darts in real life.

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