Latest Crime Genre Films

Most recently, of course around this November and December 2019. The film 21 Bridges, combined with action, has been put on display in one of the cinema chains. However, there are other best crime film films that will be aired towards the end of 2019. Here 123 movies recommend some of them. On the website, you can find various movie genres that will definitely be interesting for you to watch. What are you waiting for? Visit our website now!

Knives Out
One film that aired in November 2019 in theaters. Hopefully, it will be aired, because the release date and poster have also been prepared. Crime genre film with many top stars. There are names Chris Evans and Daniel Craig. However, there is a reason why this film is one of the crime films that must be watched in 2019. In addition to the big names who are cast, this film is packaged in a comedy style with the background story of investigating the death of someone famous and of course being among the elite family.

Motherless Brooklyn
pa offered by this film looks promising. Carrying the genre of crime and drama, this film tells the city of New York in 1950. A private detective who is lonely and experiencing Tourette’s syndrome. Under these conditions, he was asked to settle the murder of his mentor and only friend. There is the name of Edward Norton who became the main actor in this film.

The Irishman
Again Netflix. Packaging a biographical film, entitled The Irishman. Films that look heavy, but still carry the crime genre. There is the name Martin Scorsese as a director. Legendary duo Robert De Niro and Al Pacino lined up to be the main cast. The film only airs on Netflix at the end of November 2019. The response of this film alone has been positive from some critics. So? Don’t miss watching the movie.

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