The Right Choice Of Carpet According To Your Needs

When buying a carpet make sure if you have determined in advance the function of the carpet you want to buy read more here. Are carpets just to complement and beautify the room? Or carpet to create an atmosphere in the room? Yes, as carpet choices vary, the use of carpets is also increasingly diverse. So, determine first what kind of carpet you need? For maintenance, leave it to the Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches.

After that, find the right one by recognizing the following types of carpet:

Types of Carpets Based on Their Shape
• Tile Carpet
The shape resembles tiles or ceramics with continuous lines and colors. The shape looks simple and elegant. This type of carpet is generally located in a spacious room, such as ballrooms, meeting rooms, and so on.

• Rugs
This carpet is often found in relaxing rooms, such as living rooms and bedrooms. Usually, the rug carpet is used to beautify the room and seat covers, to make it more relaxed and warm.

Types of Carpets Based on the Material
• Silk Carpets
This high-quality natural fiber material has always been luxuriously designed. Its texture is a smooth, soft, strong color pattern, and provides high comfort. The price is one of the most expensive and suitable for you who want to provide the best aesthetics in a room.

• Wool Carpet
One of the carpet materials that is favored by the people of Indonesia. Wool rugs tend to be durable, fire-resistant, water, and stain. The shape is thick, strong, and has a color that does not fade easily. Wool can last up to 30 years if treated properly.

• Acrylic Carpet
Almost similar to wool carpet and a lot of alternative choices, because it is cheaper. The difference is wool from natural materials, while acrylic from synthetic materials. The type of carpet that is not easily damp, not easily moldy, durable, and easy to care for.

• Nylon Carpet
Nylon is quite popular because it is known to be durable, stain-resistant, mildew, to mildew. Nylon is also easy to clean and move. The price of nylon is relatively cheap and is widely used for buildings such as offices.

• Polypropylene Carpets
This type of carpet is suitable for you who have limited funds. Made from synthetic materials and has a smooth texture. Polypropylene is a plastic carpet that can be cleaned with water, but the color tends to fade quickly and the thread loosens easily.

• Leather Carpet
One of the organic rugs has been known for a long time in Indonesia. Its texture is soft and gives a feeling, as well as a warm impression on the room. Sheep and cow leather rugs are the most popular to use. Be careful placing this carpet, because it is classified as easy to get dirty and will be difficult to clean.

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