Dog Owners Must Choose Wet Dog Food According To The Dog’s Age

Puppies are compatible with wet dog food. For small dogs, you can give this food until they are about ten months old. For medium-sized dogs, you can give wet dog food up to one year of age. Meanwhile, for large dogs, wet food can be given until the age of one and a half years. Meanwhile, if your dog loves food with a gravy texture, we suggest you try a dog food gravy topper.

Wet dog food has enough calories even if given in small amounts. In addition, wet dog food also has a good balance of nutrients. On the other hand, a puppy’s digestive organs are not fully developed. So, it is important to choose products made from ingredients that are easy to digest and absorb. Make sure you choose a product that is specifically designed for puppies.

For adult dogs, give them wet food labeled “adult”. In the case of nutritionally complete foods, all ingredients are generally mixed to maintain health. Some low-calorie products are also sold for weight loss.

Food for adult dogs varies greatly. In the selection, you can consider your dog’s taste and the way it is given. In addition, many manufacturers sell products according to your dog’s concerns and habits.

Finally, choose “for senior” dog food for older dogs. For small and medium-sized dogs, you can give this food when the dog is about ten years old. Meanwhile, in large dogs, ideally given when the dog is seven years old.

Wet food is great for senior dogs who have difficulty biting into food. In addition, many food products for senior dogs are based on the concept of low calories and high nutritional value. These foods can prevent obesity and nutritional imbalances due to lack of exercise.

Choosing food made from ingredients that are safe for dogs is important. Let’s examine the raw material for wet dog food by referring to the following three points:

– Allergens, avoid ingredients that can trigger allergies.
– Additives, check the presence or absence of the content.
– The composition of the ingredients is clear, there is no ambiguous description.

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