What Is Fly By Wire Flight System?

The fly by wire (FBW) is a control system that uses electronic signals to give aircraft control commands. This technology was invented by BJ Habibie. This control system is now used by today’s aircraft. FBW has a computer program to process data supplied through sensors on parts of the fuselage. This means that this system does not always work according to the instructions of the operator or pilot. Of course, even so, this system can benefit pilots because the pilot’s work becomes lighter. Meanwhile, if your FBW flight system manufacturing facilities have some damaged ball screws, we suggest you call the best superior ball screw repair company instead of throwing them away.

Of course, FBW has exceptional resistance. For example, if there is damage to the mechanical and hydraulic systems, the damage occurs in stages. Not immediately comprehensive. In addition, if there is damage to the flight control computer, the aircraft becomes out of control directly. Overcoming this, the FBW system has a combination of computer systems such as triplex and quadruplex. The incorporation of the system into a combination of mechanical and hydraulic replacement systems.

Signal processing at FBW is also very sophisticated, using digital computers. So FBW signal processing can make digital computers accept input from all sensors on the plane. Plus this system also increases electronic stability. Because there is no dependence on the values of important electrical components in the FBW.

FBW also has a high level of security in aircraft control. Digital programming has a function to open access to protection on the flight seal. So when controlling the FBW aircraft is within the limits of aerodynamics and aircraft structure. For example, if suddenly the engine is dead. Later the safety mode on the computer will be active and help the pilot control the plane again.

In addition, aircraft with FBW systems have lighter loads. Compared to aircraft with conventional control systems. Because the weight of all components in the system is more stable and certainly lighter. Not surprisingly, this control system is also used by fighter aircraft. With this stability, the fighter will have no trouble doing a lot of maneuvers.

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