Build multi-user, real-time web applications.


Hemlock Code

Hemlock code is now available on GitHub. Grab it.

Feel free to fork Hemlock and modify it to your needs as you please. Hemlock is available under the MIT license.

Bug Tracking

Bugs are being tracked on our GitHub Issue Tracker. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Third-party Code

Hemlock stands on the shoulders of giants:

  • XIFF: An XMPP library for ActionScript
  • Strophe: An XMPP library for JavaScript

Hemlock isn’t affiliated with these projects, but strongly supports their good work.


  • New! 100% JS apps. No Flash needed.

    Yes, that includes the iPhone and iPad.

    Learn about Hemlock JS

  • Hemlock JS

    When building the original Hemlock framework, we chose ActionScript because it has widespread browser support, and lets us open a real socket connection. However, one of the biggest complaints we received was, of course, that we used ActionScript.

  • World's first Hemlock job

    Want to create social games using Hemlock and redefine what's possible on the web? We are looking for a developer to do just that.

  • Bamzooki

    Sometimes TechCrunch breaks your story before you get to write about it. Us? We have no excuse, we're 5 months late!