You Must Know That A Fire Extinguisher Has Its Own Expiration Date

Fire extinguishers have an expiration date because fire extinguishers have several media and each media has a different expiration period, usually, the warranty period applies the same as the expiration media of the fire extinguisher. Therefore, before you do a process of fire extinguisher installation, you really need to take a note of the date when the fire extinguisher loses its effectiveness. You also need to do fire equipment maintenance services.

It often happens we are negligent when the expiration time has expired and it’s time we have to do refill service in some cases not immediately refilling the extinguisher, for the negligence the impact that will occur is that the fire extinguisher cannot function optimally and you will bear the loss which is greater than the cost of the filling itself.

Then, when the fire extinguisher has expired it will be very useful if the media is used for training, by using it for training before refilling you will get a double benefit because you become more aware of how to use the extinguisher properly and correctly. The refilling process of the fire extinguisher aims to maintain the quality and performance of your fire extinguisher in a state of alert. If you want to protect your assets and property from fire emergencies, you should service and refill fire extinguishers regularly. Fires can occur at any time, and when that happens, your fire extinguisher must be in a condition ready to extinguish and prevent the fire from spreading more widely. Additionally, perhaps you also need to check out the fire extinguisher compliance so you can use yours safely and properly.

Fire extinguisher refill is very important to protect businesses, assets, and the people around you. When do refill fire extinguishers need to be done?

Refill the fire extinguisher or must be done every year and as soon as possible after the fire extinguisher is used no matter how much media is released (until it runs out or only partially). Refillable fire extinguishers that have never been used can be routinely refilled annually. Where the time period for refilling a fire extinguisher is also determined by the type of extinguishing media.

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