You Must Know How To Repair These Damages On Laptops

A laptop can be damaged like other types of electronics. That’s why if you want to maintain your laptop, you definitely need to know some common types of damage that you might be able to repair when you experience them. In this article, we will share with you some common types of damage on the laptop.

First, the laptop can’t generate sound. Damage to the laptop that does not sound out often experienced by many people. Sound settings on the laptop have been increased to the maximum, but there is no sound at all.

It’s certainly quite disturbing, especially if the laptop is used to watch movies or play games.

This problem has 3 main causes, such as:

1. Broken speaker
2. Drivers that are not installed correctly or are damaged.
3. Wrong settings.

Solution: Please install the right drivers or reinstall the drivers that have been installed. The goal is to fix the corrupt driver file. You can try to update the driver to a newer one.

For settings, try checking the control panel. Do not let the sound or speaker settings be disabled.

In addition, the laptop screen can also appear upside down. The purpose of the inverted screen here is how it looks upside down. Actually, this problem is not a big problem whose cause is also trivial.

The cause:

1. Incorrect display settings
2. VGA driver error

Solution: Set the laptop display from portrait to landscape in the display settings in Windows or in the driver.

If it doesn’t work, try reinstalling the driver or updating the driver to a newer one.

In addition to the problem of sound and a reversed screen display, DVD devices sometimes can’t be detected by laptops. Unreadable DVDs are often experienced by some laptop users, especially for people who like to backup small data. It must be troublesome if you meet this problem.

There are 3 common causes of unreadable DVDs:

1. The optical DVD drive of the laptop is weak
2. A failed DVD burning process
3. Dirty DVD optics

How to fix it:

Clean the DVD drive with the compressor with sufficiently adjusted air pressure. For problems with weak optics, test the unreadable DVD to another DVD drive.

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