You Must Consider Sizes And Sensor In Cameras For Traveling

If you like traveling on an adventure going up the mountain, or like walking for a long time, it’s better to choose a mirrorless camera. This type of camera will be much lighter and the lens size smaller than the DSLR version of the camera. But with the same photos. The weakness of the mirrorless camera is that the battery is wasteful and is inaccurate when tracking moving objects. But if you don’t photograph events too often like horse races or F1 races, mirrorless is enough. Bring 2-3 extra batteries and the problem is complete. Meanwhile, if you want to check out various types of gadgets, we suggest you visit the Gear Hint.

Your shoulders and knees will thank you for every gram you reduce in the bag. Another option is a large compact sensor camera (1 inch is included). Sensors with less than 1-inch cameras are now less popular since the cameras on smartphones are good, compact cameras with a small sensor so it doesn’t sell well.

In addition, the larger the sensor, the more light is captured so that the camera’s performance in dim conditions will be better.

The sensor here means the image sensor that is behind the lens, yes. If it’s on a film camera, this sensor, yes, the film.

Common camera types and sensor sizes are (sorted from the smallest):

Smartphone or compact camera (compact camera), size 1 / 2.3 – 1 / 1.7 inches.
The compact sensor camera is rather large. Example: Canon G7x, Sony Rx100 (1 inch).
Mirrorless Micro 4/3 camera. Example: Olympus PEN, Panasonic G7 (4/3 inches).
Mirrorless Camera & DSLR APS-C. Example: Sony A5100, Canon 70d (APS-C).
Mirrorless & Full frame DSLR cameras. Example: Sony A7, Canon 5d (35 mm full-frame).

The advantages of a large sensor are: besides being able to get better low light performance, we also get a thin depth of field. So “blur-background blur” (bokeh) if someone’s photo, for example, will be easier with large sensor size.

However, according to the laws of physics, the size of the lens will also increase. Also, the price of the camera is getting expensive. Because this sensor is the most expensive part of a digital camera.

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