You Can Consider These Points When Choosing 2D Battle Royale Games To Play

Almost every gamer has heard of battle royale games today. Since the success of big battle royale games on PC, mobile, and Console, now almost every game companies try to make their own version of PUBG in the gaming industry. It’s no wonder that even now we can play the tiny version of battle royale for browser, and you can go to run 3 unblocked games to know more about one of those games. However, due to there are a lot of 2D battle royale games out there, you might want to consider a few points before you decide which game you want to play, such as:

You must think of the weapon and item systems

Some of them have levels like PUBG and Fortnite, while some others only have a few simple types of weapons without levels. You must choose the one that you can enjoy according to your preference. Some people feel familiar with weapons and items with levels, while some others prefer the ones with a simple weapon and item system. We recommend you to choose the one which suits you.

Some games might be lagged in low-spec PC

Some PCs with low spec might suffer from broken movement when they play 2D battle royale games on the browser. That’s why you might one to try some games first to see which one that you can play smoothly on your browser. We also recommend you to only open one tab on your browser so it won’t burden your PC’s ram if you have a low-spec PC.

Customization can be fun too!

Some of those games allow players to customize their avatar, while some others look exactly the same. It’s up to you to choose which one that you like. If you like your avatar to look different from most of the other players, we recommend you to choose the one that allows a little bit of customization. However, if you don’t care about customization in a simple browser game, we suggest you choose the one that doesn’t have a customization option, or you simply just ignore it and play the game.

The number of players

Some of them have a lot of players in one game, while some others only have a few players with smaller maps.

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