Why You Need Dry Cleaning

With the laundry business everywhere like the Dry wash lavanderia, you’ve likely heard the word dry cleaning. It turns out that most people ignore it and still choose to process ordinary washing because they do not know its function. Dry cleaning does not involve water at all in the washing process. The clothes are relatively dry during the process. However, this process still uses a chemical liquid or perchloroethylene solution to remove impurities from the clothes. These chemicals clean clothes as clean as water and detergent, only in different chemical processes. These chemicals can eventually be recycled for reuse, instead of being thrown away like water and detergents that are already in use.

Usually, dry cleaning is used for special structured clothes such as costumes, suits, dresses or wools. This type of clothing requires special treatment such as dry cleaning because that the usual washing process using detergent water will damage it or reduce its quality and you could be losing your clothes due to improper washing techniques. This particular process also requires up to twice more electricity than ordinary washing machines, so it is rare for households to use it. Besides, by using professional service you will get a better and faster result without a hassle.

Dry cleaning costs are usually relatively more expensive than ordinary washing. Not just because of spending more expensive electricity costs, dry cleaning treatment must be super careful. Because perchloroethylene can be very sensitive for some people, it can even irritate the skin. Besides, the dry cleaning service is calculated per product. All that causes dry cleaning is more expensive than ordinary washing. If you have clothes with a certain structure, texture or material that will deteriorate if you wash normally, you can consider washing them with dry cleaning. It is more expensive, but if the washing conditions are like that, surely you need to do it to keep it durable.

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