Why are Sales Funnels Important for Business?

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Basically, the purpose of a sales funnel is to help describe the path a prospect is taking. By understanding this, you can easily find flaws in each stage that need to be developed or re-evaluated.

In general, there are 5 stages of the sales funnel, including:

1. Awareness or awareness
In this case, they will overcome it by viewing advertisements, visiting websites, and looking for other information through various other platforms such as social media or google search. Therefore, you need to provide chemistry or the first impression of a good and attractive product introduction to customers.

2. Interest or interest
The second stage of the sales funnel is interest, which is the moment when customers start to feel interested. Usually, they will do research such as reviewing products, comparing prices, or thinking about options.

3. Decision or decision
After all the required information has been met, the customer then considers making a purchase. They will see the various advantages and disadvantages of each product in order to choose the best.

4. Action or action
At this stage, the customer has made careful consideration of his choice. In other words, the customer is confident and ready to carry out the process of completing the product purchase.

5. Purchase or purchase
When a customer has bought your product it means they have entered the final stage. However, this does not mean that the sales funnel stage stops here.

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