What Sourdough Is Made Of

Sourdough is an acid dough made with techniques that utilize yeast from wild yeast such as Candida Mileri and Lactobacillus. Although it is called Adona Tamarind, the resulting bread has a more fragrant aroma, moister, has a chewy and soft texture, only slightly sour. It takes time and patience to make a sourdough starter, but it will benefit in the long run, especially if you like making bread that requires yeast. Sourdough kefir grains can also be used not only for bread, but also for making donuts, cakes, and others.

This technique was discovered in 4000 BC by the people of Ancient Egypt who accidentally let wheat mixed with water and milk for some time so that it expands. The bread produced from this sourdough is softer and lighter than the bread whose mixture does not undergo fermentation first. Through a process of trial and error, some of the remaining dough left when mixed with flour and water still produces the dough with the same flavor so that it is known as a starter. Making sourdough bread is different compared to making commercially sold bread because the bread dough will be mixed with sourdough, which is a mixture of water and flour which is left open at room temperature for the storage process. Wild yeast in sourdough will eat the sugar contained in the flour mixture and make this mixture to become acidic. Carbon dioxide produced during sourdough storage will produce air chambers that will raise the bread and give a solid texture to the bread and the crisp on the outside.

The original sourdough bread recipe is made from sourdough (the original ingredient) and does not use instant yeast or better known as dry yeast which is used in commercial bread or other bread to develop dough, but some recipes mix a little instant yeast. Making bread with this technique takes a long fermentation process using yeast that derived from nature and also lactobacilli. Sourdough yeast is commonly called leaven, which will produce leaven is carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. This sourdough bread will taste a little sour because lactobacilli are produced by lactic acid.

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