What is IPTV and How to Use It

Recently, many TV users are interested in using IPTV on Android devices. IPTV or television via internet protocol has indeed attracted the attention of the Indonesian people because of its more flexible use. By using IPTV such as iptv canada, you can enjoy more of your favorite programs on television and even watch movies. However, what exactly is IPTV?

IPTV is a digital television technology in an IP transmission network. Where now IPTV is the latest television standard provided by digital cable TV operators. To view IPTV, you need the appropriate client equipment, such as a personal computer, qualified system features, special decoders, to special devices running the Android operating system. Generally, content delivery to client equipment can be done in two ways, namely by using an IP network operated by a telecommunications operator and via OTT, where the client is not tied to a particular telecommunications operator. The use of IPTV has many advantages, such as standard television which provides a number of additional services so that you can watch programs more comfortably and you are free to pause or rewind certain shows to the desired moment.

Here’s how to use IPTV you need to know.

First, connect the device to the network of the provider that provides the service. In other words, to the Wi-Fi router that distributes the Internet.
Second, you need to install a video player on the device. You can download it from Play Market for free.
Third, you need an app to add m3u playlists with IPTV channels. We also download it from Play Market. There are many of them, we chose the first one from the list.
Finally, a link or file from the provider will allow you to download the available IPTV channels. Receive accordingly from your provider. As a rule, immediately after purchasing an IPTV package, you are assigned a URL address, which will be useful in the future.

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