We Can Do Better To Protect Ourselves From Criminals When We’re Outside

If you want to be safe while on the streets then don’t use excessive jewelry. Excessive use of jewelry is an act that can provoke crime. You shouldn’t take out other expensive things like gadgets if you don’t need them. Always keep it simple and avoid showing off for your safety. In the meantime, if you are wrongly arrested when a criminal case happens, we suggest you hire the best Gary Rohlwing criminal lawyer.

In addition to jewelry, the bag you use can also determine whether you managed to avoid crime or not. Bags that are thin and easy to open are certainly a bad choice and can increase the risk of losing things in public. So use a bag made of thick and tightly closed.

The way you carry your bag is also important. If you carry the bag with only one hand, a mugger could easily snatch it from your hands. Meanwhile, if you use a backpack, you should carry it in front of your body so you can easily keep an eye on it. Don’t let your valuables just disappear just because of an unwise way of carrying a bag.

Furthermore, at certain times, you may be in a situation that is quite dangerous but can’t ask anyone around you for help. So the only way you can do this is to ask for help via cellphone. Use the speed dial feature so you can call family or friends quickly.

But to be able to contact other people, of course, your cellphone must be ready. So make sure you never run out of battery. Always top up your credit and quota, don’t let it run out in an emergency. And as much as possible, use a provider card with a broad and stable signal coverage so that you don’t experience signal problems when you have to ask for help.

In an emergency where you are forced to face off against a criminal, you need to defend yourself to the best of your ability. If the criminal is only after your belongings, then letting him take them is probably the wisest move, especially if the criminal is holding a gun.

But if the villain is after you, you have to fight back. It’s a good idea to bring legal self-defense weapons.

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