Want Long-Term Investment? This Is The Choice Of The Product

A long-term investment is also known as investing more wealth or capital to get a fixed income or to control and control a company. There are various types of investments, such as investing in gold, stocks, dispositions, bonds, property, and savings. For those of you who do not invest in a job, then the long-term investment is an alternative to adding your main income that is good, can build wealth, to employ your funds find this.

Types of Long-term Investment Products
Long-term investments are also classified into several types of investments that we know of as follows.

1. Stocks
Shares are securities that can be an alternative investment media with greater profit and loss potential compared to other investment media (High-Risk High Return). Shares are also known as a sign of ownership of a person or business entity of a company. Shares as evidence of a statement that the shareholders are part of the owner of the company that issued the shares. Share form is a piece of paper that presents information about the data of shareholders and their ownership of the company that issued the paper. Shares are divided into 2 types, namely ordinary shares, and preferred shares.

2. Mutual Funds
Mutual Funds are known as an alternative investment for people who have excess funds who do not have much time and expertise in calculating their investment risk. Some of the benefits of having investments in mutual funds, among others, investors who have little funds can still diversify investments to minimize investment risk, mutual funds will facilitate investors in investing in the capital market by ‘selling’ knowledge and expertise that is not owned by investors, by doing investing in mutual fund investors have invested with time efficiency.

3. Gold Investment
As a metal starting at 99.99% percent whose presence is the most acceptable among the public, gold is one form of an excellent investment for those of you who don’t want to be involved in High-Risk High Return on alternative investment stocks, both ordinary shares, and preferred shares. Gold is known to have fairly high and stable sales value and is even considered to be a substitute for a currency without asset restrictions. You can also receive multiple benefits if the price of buying and selling gold is soaring.

4. Bonds
A bond is proof of providing a loan to the bond issuer, which must be paid when the due date. Reporting from the IDX website, there are several types of bonds that are divided from the issuer, the interest payment system, exchange rights, or options, in terms of collateral, in terms of nominal value, and in terms of calculating the yield.

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