Various Kinds Of Delicious Pastry In Each Layer, Let’s Try It!

For dessert and dessert lovers, you must know pastry. The pastry comes from the French, “Patisserie” which means cake. The pastry is one of the processed slices of bread with the basic characteristics of dough consisting of roll-in fat or dough in layers. What distinguishes pastry from other cakes and slices of bread is that the pastry uses a high-fat content in its manufacture. Another thing that distinguishes pastry from cakes and other bakeries is the type of flour used, where the flour used in the bakery has a gluten percentage of around 11-12%, while pastry has the lowest gluten percentage, which is around 8-9%. , it does not only require expertise regarding a mature kitchen, but also qualified kitchen equipment, one of which is the Combi Oven.

Yes, ovens, toasters, and cakes have now innovated into machines full of technology. Of course, this is closely related to the quality of the results of baking cakes and practicality in use. In some places selling cake and bread utensils, you will find three types of ovens, namely baking ovens, convection ovens, and combi ovens. However, the next question is: what are the differences between the three ovens?

The first oven is baking. The baking oven is the simplest model of the oven that is commonly used to bake cakes and bread. In general, it consists of several decks or shelves. Backing oven heating is sourced from gas or electricity. In a baking oven, the heating temperature in the oven is not evenly distributed, so you need to control it to get perfect doneness. A convection oven is an oven that has been developed with an internal fan technology that can even out the baking temperature. Thus, bread and cakes baked in this oven, have a more even level of doneness. A Combi oven is an oven that is designed to integrate with other functions, for example, proofer. With a combi oven, you can do two (or more) jobs at the same time. Of course, this can save you time.

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