Utilizing Songs For Learning Media

Learning English is very important because of its role as an international language. On the other hand, being able to speak English is a requirement that must be met in a job, such as having to pass the TOEFL, IELTS, or even https://britishlifeskills.com/b1-english-test/ for visa matters in several countries. Besides, English also has many benefits, so there is no harm in learning English.

Well, learning English is not just about tenses and all the grammatical elements that many people think are very difficult to understand. Though learning English is very fun to know the gaps in how to learn. For you new learners or your teachers who want to instil understanding in the minds of students, you can use the song as a medium of learning.

In terms of the song itself, almost all people must have hummed. Whether it’s with cheerful songs until sad songs drain tears. Even the song becomes a job opportunity for someone, from being a song maker to a singer. So many benefits are generated from a song. What’s more, songs written in English are now a fun learning medium to be more proficient in English.

The first way is to sing it. A teacher can ask his students to sing a song whose melody is easily captured. Also, the selected song is a song that contains languages that can be utilized. For example, a teacher wants to teach the names of fruits or animals through songs, the teacher can search for songs that contain the names of the fruits or animals.

The second way is to do a movement. Similar to dancing, songs can also be used from a song. The movements that are formed can be likened to the contents of the song you want to carry.

The latter method is the most effective way because it utilizes the role of parents. This method asks parents to play a song that uses English at home or on a trip to a place by car. Children will be happier in the car and listen more carefully. Indirectly, even though the child does not listen with focus, the song will enter the child’s memory and be recorded properly. So that this can add to English vocabulary better.

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