UK’s Must-Know Skirting Board Styles for 2023: Riding the Wave of Trends

Ah, 2023, the year where the blend of the classic and the contemporary has made a mark in home design. And guess what’s riding the forefront of this fusion wave? Skirting boards! Thanks to insights from the ever-knowledgeable Skirting World, we’ve got the inside scoop on the latest skirting board styles and trends taking the UK by storm this year.

1. The Return of the Retro: Victorian & Edwardian Styles

Who said what’s old can’t be new again? This year, Victorian and Edwardian skirting board styles are making a grand comeback. With their intricate designs and old-world charm, they’re proving to be the perfect touch in homes looking to blend historical elegance with modern flair.

2. Sleek and Minimal: Shadow Gap Trend

For the lovers of all things modern, the Shadow Gap style is the talk of the town. It’s not just a skirting board; it’s an architectural statement! With a sleek groove that creates an illusion of shadow, this style is perfect for minimalistic homes and those chasing a futuristic vibe.

3. The Natural Touch: Unpainted & Raw

In an era where authenticity speaks volumes, many are opting to leave their skirting boards unpainted. Showcasing the raw beauty of the wood, this trend brings an earthy, organic feel to spaces. Combine it with indoor plants, and you’ve got yourself a serene, nature-inspired haven.

4. Dual Toned Delight

Can’t decide on one colour? No worries! 2023 is seeing a surge in dual-toned skirting boards. Think navy blue merging with soft grey or forest green fading into muted beige. This trend adds depth and dimension to rooms, making walls pop and floors come alive.

5. Tall & Majestic: Heightened Skirting Boards

Tall skirting boards, often seen in period homes, are making their presence felt in modern dwellings too. Ranging from 170mm to even 300mm in height, these skirting boards add an undeniable touch of grandeur to any room they grace.

Quick Tip: Whatever style you gravitate towards, always ensure it resonates with the overall theme of your space. Cohesion is key!

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