Type of Bail in Bail Bonds Sacramento

People sometimes associate bail with an amount of cash specifically. The defendant can get out of jail if they have the money to pay bail after arrest. When the bail amount is large, it is often more complicated. There may be a variety of bail types that available in any jurisdiction or state. Defendants can expect more types of Bail Bonds Sacramento that you should know.

If you want to learn about bail bonds, here are the things you should know about types of bail.

Bail Bonds Sacramento Types of Bail

1. Cash Bond

The cash bond amount is determined by a court, the local or state schedule after a bail hearing in bail bonds Sacramento. The defendant is released from police custody as long as the payer has enough money to pay the full amount of bond.

The police will not release an arrestee in many situations with a simple citation If a person pays cash they will release the arrestee after booking it. Someone else can pay the bail on behalf of the defendant if they do not have the money.

2. Unsecured or Signature Bond

Unsecured bond or signature bond will apply after a court imposes a bail amount and holds a bond hearing, but the defendant does not require to pay that amount to be released. This bond is similar to an OR bond and a citation and release. The defendant must sign an agreement stating instead of paying any cash to be released if he does not appear at court or they will be required to surrender the bail amount.

3. Own Recognizances or Personal Recognizances Bond

A court releases an in-custody defendant on their personal recognizances or own recognizances, and it is also known as OR or PR bond. This bond is similar to release and a citation, it is taking place after a court holds bail hearing. The defendant will be released from custody on the condition that reappears in court.

That’s some information about the type of bail in bail bonds Sacramento you need to know.

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