Tips to Prevent Disease Transmission From Pets

Pets are prone to transmitting the disease to their keepers. Not infrequently, diseases that can be transmitted by pets are very dangerous to human health. Don’t be afraid just yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep a pet. Young dogs and cats transmit disease more often. Ringworm can be transmitted not only by touching infected animals, but it can also be transmitted through animal blankets or towels, as well as through the soil they use to defecate. To prevent this, bathe pets 2-3 times a month, cover the sofas at home that are often used as places to relax pets with upholstery so that they are easy to wash once every three days. Keep the drying area out of reach of animals. Dry in an open area with enough sunlight to avoid humidity. Wash your carpets and sheets once a week with the Carpet Cleaning near me.

It is necessary to know that the transmission of pet diseases can be completely prevented if we as caregivers can take good care of them, while always maintaining the cleanliness of their dwellings and the surrounding environment. Prevent pets from entering the room, especially even climbing the bed. If possible, give your pet a special bed so that it doesn’t go everywhere looking for a place to sleep. Toxoplasma is a disease that cats transfer to humans. Cats can become infected with toxic if they eat raw food frequently. Toxo is transmitted by cats through their feces, not their fur. To prevent Toxoplasma, you need to pay attention to several ways to care for cats.

Clean the dirt 1-2 times a day and use special sand. When cleaning, use a cleaning handkerchief and a mask to avoid direct contact with cat litter. Don’t forget, give the toxoid vaccine, and also the cat can be vaccinated against rabies.

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