Tips to Choose Wifi Booster

The best WiFi booster is the right choice for those of you who want to strengthen a WiFi signal, be it at the home, office, or other business places because sometimes WiFi does not have wide coverage to all parts of the room. WiFi booster is an important item because it can make it easier for devices to access the internet considering the importance of the internet in today’s digital world. However, not everyone can choose the right signal booster. Then, how do you choose the best WiFi booster or wifi repeater?

The various types of WiFi boosters will sometimes make you confused in choosing. However, choosing errors can be minimized by knowing the proper booster criteria. Well, here are tips for choosing the best WiFi booster that you can apply.

Choose the best dual-band WiFi booster
You certainly want to have a fast WiFi connection, right? Well, you should choose the best dual-band WiFi booster because it can pick up the signal from the router on one band and distribute it to the other band. Make sure that the dual-band is working properly because if only one of the bands is working then there is a possibility that the connection speed will weaken. Usually, the first band will have a frequency of 2.4GHz, the signal can penetrate any barrier and the second band will have a frequency of 5GHz. Even though the second band has a greater frequency, the signal cannot penetrate the barrier easily. That is why both bands have to function properly.

Select the type of WiFi booster according to the installation place
What type of booster do you like, simple or flexible? If you prefer a simple booster, then you should choose the plug-in type because it is more practical without cables or wireless. You can plug it directly into a socket so you don’t need more space for installation. But make sure the size is not too big to keep it safe. Apart from the plug-in type, there is also a stationary type WiFi signal booster which allows you to be free to put it anywhere because the booster has a cable. Well, this usage is recommended if the location of the outlet in your house is quite difficult to reach. Then, do you already know which type to choose for the best WiFi booster?

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