Tips for Using Vacuum Bags

There are two ways to use a garment vacuum bag: suction machine and manual (by hand). How to use it is very easy. Place the folded clothes neatly into the pocket. Press the bag to release air, then close the bag (slide the zip lock). For maximum compression, roll the pouch from the top. Using a traveling vacuum bags can keep clothes from damp air or mold. So you can avoid the risk of clothes smelling musty because they are in the suitcase too long. You also no longer need to worry about wet clothes spilled by toiletries or because your suitcase got caught in the rain on the way.

Here are some tips for packing your clothes when traveling that you can see from

Look online for this information or read the weather forecast for the area for an overview of the weather conditions during your trip. Bring equipment suitable for the weather conditions there and leave equipment that is not suitable.

Will it rain there? Bring a raincoat or equipment that can dry quickly if it gets wet. If it’s hot there, bring shorts. Meanwhile, if it’s snowing all the time there, you probably don’t need to bring shorts, even if you love them.

Plan clothes according to activity. Think about what you will do during the trip, and choose clothes that fit your plan. For example, if you want to spend most of your time at the beach, bring swimwear and light clothing. However, if you are traveling to take care of work, you should prepare office clothes such as collared shirts and blazers. If you can, make a plan for each day and pack one set of clothes, not individually. Getting a set of clothes will help you decide what to wear.

While certain clothing may be required on certain journeys, for most trips you are free to choose what to wear. In these cases, find clothes that you can wear in a variety of ways to suit your needs during the day. Try to choose clothes in a similar color so that whatever you wear will always match.

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