Tips for a Vacation to Europe So You Don’t Get Pickpocketed

Pickpockets don’t always look like bums, especially in Europe. Maybe you feel calm because you only meet people in neat clothes. Make no mistake, people in suits you meet while on vacation to Europe can be pickpockets. When you are abroad like in Europe, you might think that your vacation will not be disturbed because of pickpockets. However, make no mistake! Even when you are on vacation abroad, you can be pickpocketed. Then what should be done so that pickpockets during the holidays will not happen? You may find a lot of tips on Google to avoid pickpockets in Europe, but we’d like to share a few tips with you too, such as:

Always Be Alert Because Pickpockets Don’t Always Look Like Homeless

You may think things are safe and don’t feel pickpocketed because you don’t see anyone who looks like a pickpocket in modest clothes. in Europe, you’d be surprised that someone could be picked up by someone who is neatly and cleanly dressed and doesn’t look like a bum at all about to take your money. Not only that, you may think that pickpockets are identical to men. In Europe, pickpockets of children and women are also rampant so don’t be fooled and stay alert.

Don’t Look Confused

The thing you have to do to make pickpockets less interested in targeting you is to continue to look confident as if you have a clear goal. Showing that you are a tourist is something that will attract pickpockets. If you want to ask questions or look at the map, be sure to stay alert and pay close attention. If you want to see a map, then lean behind a wall to keep your bags and belongings safe or you can also choose to look at a map over a wide area so you know clearly who is passing by and at the same time keep your distance.

Be Someone Difficult to Predict

When we have become the target of pickpockets when on vacation to Europe, sometimes we feel that we are being targeted or being followed. If you feel it doesn’t ever panic and feel confused because it will attract the attention of the pickpocket even more. Change direction, and go to a safe place like a shop. Beware of crowded areas.

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