This Is What Happens To The Brains Of People Who Are Comatose According To Research

Do you know what happens in an individual’s brain when in a coma? This phenomenon, which has been a mystery, now seems to be answered. If you have a family or loved one in a coma, immediately order Prayer for healing so you can get your loved ones conscious. People who are in a coma have only 2 possibilities, wake up or die urgent healing prayer request.

A new study has found that patients who are in a coma, brain tissue dramatically reorganized. It turns out that traffic at the center of brain activity in the dark is high compared to healthy patients. This finding explains the mystery of that awareness.

“Awareness may depend on the anatomic location of the center of activity in human brain tissue,” said one researcher. This phenomenon provides important information on what happens between people who are aware of and are losing consciousness.

In the future, this research could also help doctors determine that comatose patients tend to restore the brain’s condition through high traffic activity. Neuroscientists suggest ways to stimulate the brain of patients in a coma to increase the results of their brain tissue activity.

Previous research has shown that a person in a coma is similar to being sedated rather than asleep. Other studies even found that vegetative patients and patients with minimal awareness turned out to have very different brain activity. However, for the most part, it is still difficult to find clear differences in brain function between healthy patients and those who have lost consciousness.

To see the difference, a group of research teams took brain scans from functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) images. Brain scan images were taken from 17 patients who were in a coma a few days after a heart attack. Then compare it with scans of 20 healthy volunteers at rest.

The team tracked 417 different brain regions for changes in blood flow as a marker of brain activity. Then, they correlate with an increase or decrease in activity between the different brain regions. The results show, in healthy patients, about 40 parts of the brain light up. This shows high brain activity traffic such as a busy airport. The brain processes a lot of electricity shooting.

But in comatose patients, a lot of brain activity goes dark. Usually, these dark areas are peripheral. Interestingly, these coma patients have few centers of activity in the precuneus region that are known to play an important role in awareness and memory.

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