This Is The Right Way To Send Liquid Packages

How to send liquid packages is not the same as other shipments, the type of liquid package is very difficult to be sent by air cargo because there are regulations that apply to each airline, therefore the best solution is by the land and sea cargo exotrac. Usually, the type of liquid that is often sent is in the form of packaged drinks, paints, floor cleaners, soap, and other needs. Moreover, if the amount is large so it requires a large storage space and a strong fleet to be able to accommodate it. It is important to use yard management solutions to ensure goods arrive at their destination so that no additional costs are incurred due to damaged goods on the way.

The lines, as well as the type of fleet used, are as follows:

1. Sea Path
Sea lane is used for inter-island shipping services because the fleet is able to reach even remote areas. Meanwhile, the wider coverage area is across the sea to get to the island and even abroad. Besides ships can transport liquid goods in large quantities with certain drinking and maximum capacity. The types of fleets used include cargo ships, Pelni and RoRo. Different shipping fleets differ in fares, estimates, and departure schedules and it is therefore important to understand the urgency level of the use of goods.

2. Land Line
Furthermore, there is a landline or trucking, which means relying on a large fleet of trucks and boxcars. However, it still depends on the size and weight of the liquid package carried later. The solution via land is very suitable for those whose package weight is not too large and for delivery between local or regional.

Pay attention to some important things below so that the expedition process remains safe and smooth.

1. Use the best packing so the liquid does not spill easily or even seeps about other cargo goods. You use plastic first, then coated with cardboard or bubble wrap so it does not easily collide. The last one gives wooden packing because it can protect the entire surface of the goods. Moreover when in a warehouse or storage room, several items are stacked together to save space.

2. Notify the expedition officer about the characteristics of the liquid goods in order to get special treatment. Moreover, if it is in the form of chemicals which are volatile or explosive due to the delivery of hazardous and flammable chemical liquids, Cargonesia Express cannot serve.

3. Calculate the cost of shipping services in advance based on the weight of the liquid. Usually, each expedition sets a minimum limit as well as the price of each kilogram. It is also influenced by the distance and destination of the shipment itself.

4. For liquid goods with containers in the form of glass and plastic are required to use a wooden packing service, it is feared that the goods are piled up and broken and then cause damage to other shipments.

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