This Is The Proper Way To Do Archery

While pulling the arrow back, the left arm is pushed out. The position of the hand is straight forward until the fingers that pull the arrows are parallel to the corner of the mouth. But don’t twist your finger around the rope. Logging must really be towards the center of the target. For beginner archers, the hand is under the point of view of the target center. If the target distance is 9-12 meters, the hands must be parallel to the center of the target. If the shot is right in the center of the target, open your finger to release the arrow. In the meantime, if you don’t like the traditional bow and you prefer a crossbow, you may need to buy it. However, don’t forget to check out some of the best crossbow scope reviews beforehand.

Each player stands up, releasing 3 arrows. Then back behind the waiting line while the other groups act. When releasing the arrow takes about 2.5 minutes from starting to step.

In team matches, each team usually consists of 3 people. Each player gets 3 arrows, then scores.

The archers should use gloves made of plastic to protect or prevent straps on the arms. Equipped with an arrow bag, made of leather placed on the side or back of the archer.

Other equipments are glasses and binoculars to see the fall of the arrows after being released.

The assessment is done after the archer releases 6 arrows towards the target. Each archer will make 4 to 24 turns, or release 24 to 144 arrows.

The archer will be judged according to the fall of the arrow on the target or the target board, where the value is obtained according to the zone that is charged.

After the arrow is pulled, the mark will be marked to note by the scorekeeper. The archer who wins the most points wins.

The judging of the arrows is as follows:

yellow inside 10, and outside 9.
red inside 8, and outside 7.
light blue inside 6, and outside 5.
black inside 4, and outside 3.
white inside 2, and outside 1.

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