This Is The Comparison Between Condotel And Apartment Investments

Condotel is an abbreviation for condominium hotel. Basically, the condotel is a condo unit that is used as a hotel. It’s not much different from an apartment, condotel also has various types of units, with room specifications including bedroom, bathroom, and space to work or just relax. Meanwhile, if you want to buy some new condo units, you may check out Canberra Link EC.

Usually, the location of the condotel is located not far from the center of tourism facilities. The facilities provided are diverse, ranging from swimming pools, spas, restaurants, meeting rooms, fitness centers, playgrounds, which when viewed are almost no different from a five-star hotel. Additionally, you may also need to check out Canberra Link EC if you’re looking for a strategically-located condo.

So, where is the difference between condotel and apartment?

Condotel is a fully furnished apartment unit, so you don’t need to think about furniture that must be purchased. Meanwhile, if you buy an apartment unit, you usually only get air conditioning, water, and electricity installations.

The choice of condotel interior design has been determined by the management. While the look of the apartment you can change and decor as you wish.

You can only use Condotel 7 times a year. That means you are not free to inhabit it at any time. While the apartment you can use as a residence or rent it as a mean of investment.

The benefits of a condotel must be shared with the managing operator. Usually, 70% of the profit is for investors and 30% for operators. While the benefits of the apartment you can have it fully.

After knowing the differences and understanding of the two, the next question is “which property produces greater profits?”

It’s because the apartment has private ownership, it will forever be your property. If a condotel has a validity period, a maximum of 30 years is yours. When the validity period expires, it must be returned to the manager. In addition, apartments have a higher capital gain value than condotels.

However, if you observe the break even point (BEP), the condotel is more promising to acquire fast results. That’s why you might want to consider buying Canberra Link condo units. In excellent tourist destinations, condotel investors can get this benefit within a period of 2 years.

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