This Is How To Install Horsebow Strings

Many methods can be done to attach a horse bow bowstring. In the Arabic book archery, it is explained that there are twelve methods of how to attach strings to bows in various positions, such as installing strings in a sitting position, standing, and while on a horse. Similarly, the method for releasing the string on the bow is described in the Arabic Book of Archery with various methods and various positions such as sitting, standing, and while on a horse. Meanwhile, before we proceed, if you also use crossbows occasionally, then we recommend you to check out the best crossbow strings for 2021.

There is one method that is most often used and is suitable for a beginner in the process of installing and removing strings on a horse bow type of bow. This time the author will focus on discussing this method. God willing, in other posts, the admin will share other methods discussed in the Arabic book Archery.

Here’s how to attach a horse bow bowstring:

1. Spread your legs apart, with your right foot more forward than your left.
2. Hook the lower end of the rope on the rope hook that is on the limb at the bottom of the bow,
3. attach the lower limb arch to the front of the lower base of the left leg so that the belly of the bow is facing forward and the back of the bow is facing backward,
4. Cross your right leg between the bow and the string, Meanwhile, your left hand slowly rises towards the end of the upper string and your right hand holds the neck of the upper limb bow,
5. Stick the bow handle on the back of the thigh area or the buttocks.
6. The right hand push forward towards the top end of the rope that is held in the left hand,
7. Hook the end of the rope in the left hand to the rope hook in the upper limb held by the right hand.

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