Things You Must Consider When Buying a Laptop

Just like other electronic goods, laptop performance will usually decrease over time. Although it can be tricked with service, it doesn’t hurt if you replace it with a new one. Until now there are many laptops available on the market. Prices and models also vary. If you intend to buy a new laptop, here are some tips for buying a new laptop from LaptopEzone.

1. Laptop size
Consider the size of the new laptop you want to buy. The screen size you choose, of course, will affect the size of the laptop. Instead, choose the laptop that is most suitable for you. If you need high portability, choose a laptop with a small size. With it, you can be mobile, move easily because of its small dimensions. Mobile laptops typically have screens of 12.5 inches to 13.3 inches. This kind of laptop has a weight between 1 kg to 1.5 kg. Even so, it is very rare for a laptop of that size to have really tight specifications. You won’t find a laptop with an Intel Core i7 on such a small device. If you need a high-powered laptop, be it for design or gaming, like it or not, you have to choose a laptop with large size. Because the thick body is needed to store powerful components. Typically, this kind of laptop has a screen measuring 14 inches to 17.3 inches. Its own weight can reach 2 kg.

2. Type and size of storage media
Hard disk type storage media have been chosen in the past. Although it has a super-large capacity, the price is usually not too expensive. Compare with SSD. Although small and fast, the price is arguably much more expensive. The price of a 128GB SSD can be double the hard drive. Even so, SSDs are currently more preferred. The reason is simple, SSD offers much higher speed than the hard disk. If you need a laptop to store a lot of data, you should just choose a laptop based on the hard drive. If you need speed, like to play games or designs, just choose SSD. One thing you must remember, laptops with large-capacity SSDs, usually have expensive prices. Typically, laptops with 512 GB SSDs are more expensive than laptops with a 2 TB hard drive.

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