Things that Make the Battery Warranty Becomes Void

Nowadays there are many purchases of motorbikes or new cars which are of course accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty, right? either the battery warranty or the other, there is also vehicle insurance purchased. Usually from the manufacturer, the vehicle will provide a machine warranty of up to 3 years or still in use 30,000 km. In the meantime, you can also check out the extended vehicle warranties.

However, for most injection motorcycles the battery warranty will last longer than 5 years which is still in use 50,000 km. There is also a separate warranty for an electrical system or a 1-year battery warranty for the use of 10,000 km.

Here Are Some Causes of Not Applicable Car Battery Warranty:

– Service Book Lost Or Broken

“The battery warranty will apply if an error occurs purely from the manufacturer or indeed a production defect.”

A vehicle warranty will also apply if the conditions provided have been met by the vehicle owner. Those of you who have a vehicle must pay attention to the cause of the vehicle warranty is not valid.

Not a few of the people who own a vehicle but do not pay attention to the service book, this is one of the reasons that the warranty will fail when the service book is lost or damaged. Keep proof of vehicle warranty in a safe and easy place to remember and make sure to buy a new motorbike to get a service book from the dealer.

– Battery transfer

Protection and battery guarantee guarantees will not apply if the battery changes hands. For motor A then it is transferred to motor B then the motor becomes problematic then the warranty will be dropped. Preferably before installation does check the criteria of the motorcycle that will be installed in the battery.

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