These Are Early Steps In Recruiting Employees Efficiently

When your company starts to develop and even has a branch office, of course, the most appropriate business strategy is to add employees. Unfortunately, adding employees is not an easy job for you, because it takes a lot of time and money. Moreover, HR has other administrative tasks to do. So you need to know the early steps that are efficient in recruiting employees so you can prepare well for the interview process. Additionally, you can also use the police check online to see the background of the employee candidates so you can avoid hiring those with extremely bad criminal records.

Determine the Prospective Employee Criteria

As the initial work of the HR team in recruiting employees, determining the criteria for prospective employees is important. In addition, you also have to know the number of employees needed, level of expertise, job description, and so on. You have to discuss it or at least ask for approval from the head of the company in advance so that employees are obtained in accordance with what is needed. Some things that are commonly determined are education, special expertise in certain fields, conditions, and so on.

Place a Vacancy Ad

After that, you can upload job advertisements that have been created previously. Many choices of places to disseminate it. Starting from the conventional way such as newspapers, to more contemporary ways, namely through social media or job search platforms that are already official, for example, LinkedIn or Instagram. Dissemination through social media also does not have to spend a lot of time so you can do other HR work while waiting for the job application to come in.

Speed up CV Screening

Your next task is to read their CVs and select the applications. If the applications are in the hundreds or even thousands, you may not read them one by one. It will be easier for you if you use the help of HR applications that are able to select the administrative requirements of the candidates. If the application does not reach hundreds because for example, a high level of education or indeed the target is an experienced expert, you can do a CV screening faster by looking at important things that do need further attention, for example seeing his experience without seeing other basic information like educational history.

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