There Are Some Common Materials To Make Custom Hats

The material for making the hat will also affect the price of your custom writing cap. By knowing what materials you can use to make hats. You can determine and minimize the costs you will incur. In addition to getting a hat to your liking you also get a hat at a price according to the cost you have. You can make hats with variations and combinations of different shapes and materials. So you are able to get a good hat at an affordable price. Before deciding to make a custom writing hat it is best if you know in advance some kinds of material to make a hat. That is very important so that you can determine the material that matches the custom hat you are going to make.

The following are some of the materials commonly used to make custom hat hats:

Laken material

Laken material is material for making custom writing hats with the characteristics of a little hairy and a little thick. The back part and the front part can be the same. This material is commonly used to make various kinds of agency caps.

Canvas material

Besides being used to make a variety of jackets. Canvas material that has a striped fiber is also very often used to make hats. This material has a rather rough texture. With this material, you can use it to make various types of hats. You can make custom writing hats with this material.


Rapel material that is often used to make hats has a texture that is almost similar to the texture of jeans. But this material tends to be thinner. By using this material you can use it to make custom writing caps.

Drill material

Drill material is one of the materials to make a hat that has a slanted motif and a fine texture. The choice of colors that are quite complete makes this material very suitable when used to make a variety of custom writing caps.

Famatex ingredients

This famatex material basically has a smoother characteristic and is more rigid when compared with drill material. For famatex material, this is usually only used to make school hats.

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