There Are Some Causes of Stomach Pain That You Need To Know

The causes of abdominal pain are very diverse because in the stomach there are various organs which when disturbed can cause symptoms in the form of abdominal pain. As mentioned earlier, the area of ​​​​abdominal pain can be divided into upper or lower abdominal pain, depending on the cause. Additionally, you may also want to visit if you want to buy one of the best abdominal supplements on a trusted online store.

The following are some of the causes of abdominal pain based on where the pain is felt:

1. Upper right abdominal pain

Some diseases that cause upper right abdominal pain are:

– Hepatitis
– Gallstones
– Inflammation of the gallbladder
– Kidney infection
– Kidney stones
– Heart cancer

In addition to the organs in the stomach, upper right abdominal pain can also be caused by lung disorders, such as pneumonia or pneumonia.

2. Lower right stomach

Lower right abdominal pain can be caused by:

– Appendix
– Urinary tract infection
– urinary tract stones
– Intestinal inflammation
– Intestinal obstruction (obstruction)
– Hernia

3. Upper left abdominal pain

Some causes of upper left abdominal pain:

– Enlargement of the spleen
– Kidney infection
– Kidney stones
– Constipation

As with upper right abdominal pain, left upper abdominal pain can also be caused by problems in the lungs. Not only lung disorders, angina, and heart attacks can also cause upper left abdominal pain.

4. Lower left stomach

The causes of lower left abdominal pain include:

– Urinary tract infection
– urinary tract stones
– Intestinal obstruction (obstruction)
– Intestinal inflammation

5. Middle stomach pain

Abdominal pain in the upper middle (heartburn) can be caused by heartburn, stomach ulcers, or inflammation of the pancreas organ. Problems with the heart can also cause heartburn. While abdominal pain in the lower middle can be caused by inflammation of the digestive tract and inflammation of the bladder.

Especially for women, abnormalities in the reproductive organs can cause lower abdominal pain. These disorders include:

– Ovarian cyst
– Pelvic inflammatory disease
– Endometriosis
– Ectopic pregnancy
– Miscarriage

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