There Are Effective Ways To Improve A Slow PC or Laptop

It is undeniable when we buy a new PC / laptop, it will continue to diminish over time. That’s because it is caused by our use which can be said to be excessive, or it could be caused by too many programs running and applications being installed so that your pc / laptop is no longer able to operate it. So it is not uncommon for problems like slow or very long loading and even program force closure to happen. It’s because waiting for a pc / laptop is very slow, slow, lag or hangs to do simple tasks is one of the biggest distractions in our lives. In the meantime, you can go to Tec101 if you’re looking for more news and tips about hardware.

Therefore learn about the following methods to overcome slow computer:

Increase hard drive capacity

The condition of a full hard disk scan or makes your computer very slow or slow if you enter the Windows explorer page and display one of the local disks with red parameters then you must upgrade your hard drive.

Uninstall unused programs

When you buy a new PC, chances are there are a lot of programs already installed on it. Old PCs can accumulate this from time to time. Most of these you will never use and some of them will often run in the background without you knowing it, slowing down your computer in the process. To delete it click “Start” then go to “Control Panel” then click “Programs and Features” and scroll through the list, uninstall that you don’t use.

Run disk defragment

This method is basically a way to optimize the efficiency of your PC’s hard drive. If you want to do this, go to “My Computer”, click the right mouse button on the hard drive and select “Properties”. Below the “Tools” tab there must be an option that says “Defragment Now”.

RAM upgrade

Have you ever noticed when you try to run several applications at once (multitasking), such as email, internet, and soon one of the applications cannot be used alias not responding. This is because you don’t have enough RAM. The solution is that you have to add RAM memory to your PC or laptop.

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