There Are 5 Steps For Making A Drama Script

Drama/theatre performances often feature stories that already exist. Both the manuscripts are the work of foreign and domestic scriptwriters. However, apart from using an existing script, we can create our drama script. Nevertheless, if you simply need one that is ready to be used for your next play, you can try finding the best one-act play script on our website.

To make your drama script, we can take 5 steps, including:

1. Determine the Story Theme.

We can take the theme of the story or story ideas from personal experiences and experiences of others. We can make observations about the life of the people around us to get story ideas.

This observation or observation can be done directly or indirectly. Direct observation is carried out by directly visiting an event. Indirect observation is done by looking for information about an event from magazines, newspapers, or television news.

2. Determining Character and Character.

After the theme or story idea is obtained, the next step is to determine the character of the story. Story characters are characters who experience conflict in the themes we have obtained. The characters of the story are equipped with complete information from a physiological, sociological, and psychological perspective. Apart from the physical condition, age and livelihood, it is also necessary to determine the character or characteristics of the character.

3. Determine the plot/storyline.

After all the characters in the story have been determined, we can determine the storyline from the exposition stage, the complication stage, the climax stage, the completion stage, to the decision stage.

4. Developing Dialogue.

After the plot is finished, the dialogue is developed from each character experiencing the conflict. Conversations in the script can vary between monologue and dialogue forms.

5. Completing Manuscripts with Technical Instructions and other Completeness.

The ready manuscript can then be equipped with a side text which becomes a technical guide for the application of the script into the theatre performance. These technical instructions will help players interpret the situation or play they want to present.

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