The Usefulness of Tax Paying

Tax is a mandatory levy from the people for the country. Every penny of tax money paid by the people will be included in the postal state revenue from the tra cuu mst sector. Its use is to finance central and regional government spending for the welfare of the community.

Tax money is used for public purposes, not for personal gain. Taxes are a source of government funds to fund development at the central and regional levels, such as building public facilities, financing health and education budgets, and other productive activities. Tax collection can be forced because it is carried out according to the law.

If someone meets the subjective and objective requirements, then he is obliged to pay taxes. In the tax law, it has been explained, if someone deliberately does not pay the tax that should be paid, then there is a threat of administrative sanctions and criminal penalties. Example: when you get the benefit of parking, you have to pay a sum of money, namely parking fees, but the tax is not like that. Tax is a means of equal distribution of citizens’ income.

So when you pay a certain amount of tax, you don’t immediately receive the tax benefits paid. What you will get, for example in the form of road improvements in your area, free health facilities for families, educational scholarships for your children, and others.

Taxes are a source of income for state finances by collecting funds or money from taxpayers to the state treasury to finance national development or other state expenditures. Thus, the tax function is a source of state revenue with the aim of balancing state expenditure with state revenue. Tax can be used to adjust and balance the distribution of income with the happiness and welfare of the community.

Taxes can be used to stabilize economic conditions and conditions, such as to overcome inflation, the government sets high taxes so that the amount of money in circulation can be reduced. Meanwhile, to overcome the economic downturn or deflation, the government reduced taxes, so that the amount of money in circulation can be increased and deflation can be overcome.

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