The Secret Behind Laughing Gas

Many people are afraid of the Dentist, especially if you have problems with your teeth; either cavity, broken, or loose teeth. Most people don’t want to have their teeth checked for fear it will hurt them. Especially when you know that you have cavities. Automatically there will be action from the dentist to remove the tooth. Usually, people would be afraid to have surgery done on their teeth, but Dentists won’t lose their minds and they will offer you an anesthetic that sounds familiar, which is buy laughing gas.

This may sound strange to your ears, but for all Dentists, the presence of Laughing Gas is the number one helper to calm you down. Do you know what’s behind the secret of Laughing Gas? And why are they so important to you?

The answer is that Laughing Gas is another name for Nitrous Oxide. This name is certainly difficult to pronounce to patients so that Dentists call it laughing gas. Laughing gas is usually given through an oxygen mask to be inhaled by you in performing anesthesia, either local or total. What’s unique about laughing gases is how they work by tickling you using a mild stun or tingling sensation so that you will feel a little more immune in certain areas. Uniquely, the effect of using this gas is that you will experience slow numbness in certain parts and sometimes feel a little dizzy. This is not something you should be afraid of because that is the natural effect.

The use of laughing gas will not make you sleep completely but you will experience full awareness and still be able to see and even hear what the Doctor is telling you. For some patients, the dentist’s actions for you are scary, but with laughing gas, you will be easier to handle for extreme cases that require more severe procedures.

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