The Right Time to Trim Your Tree

Pruning or trimming encourages tree growth, increase fruit production, and establish a tree beautifully. For those who seek for tree removal, can call tree removal service in Fredericksburg, VA. Pruning is important especially to discard unnecessary portions of fruit trees, so the trees can grow into strong fruit-bearing. Learn when is the right time to prune through the guidance below and start to grow trees healthier and productive.

Here is some right time to prune:
1. Prune your trees during winter when the tree is not active. Inactive here means that the tree does not produce leaves or fruit. This will make it easier to target the area that you want to crop and encourage the production as possible.
Do a pruning in the summer time would slow down the ripening process and has a potential to let the fruit burn by the sun. If you want to slow the growth of a tree, you can prune it in early summer to stop it grows.

2. Prune the tree right way after you plant. Cut the central trunk, leave only between 60 and 76 cm tall. Cut all the shoots that grow on tree trunks until there only 2 pieces remains.
3. Prune young trees for the first 3 years. Hard pruning in the first few years will produce little fruit at first, but in the long term, your fruit tree you will become stronger and more productive.

Here also some tips from pruning:
1. Prune your fruit tree when the tree was planted if the trees are not pruned when you buy it.
2. Peach, nectarine, and kiwi are growing very fast. You have to cut half of the tree growth in the previous year.
3. Apple trees, peaches, cherries, and plums are grown more slowly and only need pruning as much as one-fifth of the growth in the previous year.
4. Citrus trees will grow well if the branches at the bottom being trimmed.
5. If you live in Northern California, you have to prune your apricot trees in the summer.
6. Do not prune cherry trees.

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