The Reason You Should Try A Vacation To Hongkong

For those of you who decide to take a vacation in the coming new year, we recommend a good place for you to make your vacation destination. One of those places is the city of Hongkong, in particular, you can celebrate New Year’s Eve with a Luxury Superyacht Charter. Of course, this will make your new year even more special. Especially if it is celebrated with your family, partner, and closest friends. The reason you need to celebrate the new year in Hongkong, of course, is not only because you can enjoy the trip by using a yacht, but many interesting things will be in vain if you miss it. Holidays in Hongkong are also fairly easy in terms of transportation. Because the transportation system is complete and relatively easy to reach, even for those who rarely travel abroad.

Especially if you go in the summer. Starting from culinary, attractions from several rides to international events and activities will be presented in full during the summer in Hongkong. Those of you who come to Hong Kong, do not forget to come to a restaurant with a floating concept or what is called a Jumbo Kingdom restaurant. The location of this restaurant is in the port of Aberdeen. The unique thing about this restaurant is the design concept and the size is almost the same as a cruise ship. This restaurant has been built for a long time and has four floors, which can accommodate about 2,300 diners at the same time. So this restaurant is quite big.

The design of the Jumbo Kingdom restaurant has the concept of the Chinese Empire. As for eating the most favorite in that place is seafood. Even those of you who come there will at least be able to choose 60 types of seafood

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