The Meaning Of Prayer

Prayer for those who have faith in God is very important and could mean more than one meaning. One of them is a sign of gratitude to God. Based on the belief it was explained that if you read the bible in the afternoon then he is truly grateful for his life. Prayer could also grant you to get many blessings and gratitude from God. It has been explained that if you read blessing and prayer in the afternoon with sincerity then God will give pleasure and blessing to him for all his work. This is one of the benefits and virtues of reading the holy bible and prayers. But prayer becomes very important in sickness. Prayer for healing will help you get through tough times with the strength of God.

Prayer will make you get more merit. Avoid all the dangers that can threaten. If you pray to God then He will guard you against everything that can come to it. Prayer will also open the door to fortune. Not only can it be used in praying a but this can also be a door opening for sustenance that is very useful in everyday life. When praying it’s time to live up to the meaning of the name of God one by one. Prayer is nutrition for the right and left brain. Besides, it turns out that the name of God can be used as nutrition for the right and left brain. Keep in mind that the practice of praying has the benefit to stimulate IQ and EQ if done continuously.

How fortunate for every person who can practice the prayer that comes from the prophet because this prayer provides many benefits and has many virtues for a person in faith. Thus the virtues and benefits of reciting prayers that we can practice in human life, hopefully this article can be an incentive for every person to increase faith and devotion to God.

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