The Main Reasons Why Board Games Are Suitable As Learning Media

Board games are one of the derivatives of tabletop games. The essence of the two is still the same, the only difference being the components or devices. Even though the game is considered a board game, it has a lot of positive potentials that make it suitable as a fun and effective learning tool or media. It turns out that board games can be used as a learning medium for children to hone problem-solving, critical thinking and decision making that will help them in the future. To get a kids board game, you can visit bumblebee decorations website.

Most board games facilitate the interaction of the players in a changing environment with various rules and restrictions. In this unique situation, the limits of thought and creativity of each player are tested to get the desired results. Moreover, when playing, board games can provide direct feedback on the actions taken by players, whether it will benefit other players or harm it. It can also change the conditions of the game for example with an immediate impact.

In addition, there are parts of the brain named the Frontal Lobes that function as problem solvers such as thinking and concentration. Sometimes this part is disturbed, say like when you are studying in class, but suddenly you suddenly remember what to eat for dinner. The unique gambling mechanism is able to reduce the situation. The learning system tends to be like a game competition system. The participants were divided into 3 groups and competed with each other. Each group when they have a turn must turn a Wheel of Fortune which gives a 50-50 chance, where if they answer correctly they will get double scores, but if wrong, of course, they will lose more points as well.

A professor believes this system should be applied to students in schools, compared to students on campus. According to him, children aged 13-14 years have the highest response to this system: giving rewards at risk in deciding an action. That is why children aged 13-14 years are very easy to get addicted to video games.

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