The Kibo Code Shares Some Advantages Of Being A Dropshipper

Maybe you’ve heard the terms reseller and dropshipper. These two terms are synonymous with an online business. These two terms have almost the same meaning where they act as sellers who resell products from producers, suppliers, or distributors to consumers. The difference is in the stock ownership of goods. A reseller is a person who resells a product by first buying stock from a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor in large quantities, keeping the stock, and reselling it, and sending it directly to consumers. Meanwhile, the definition of a dropshipper is a person who markets products from a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor without buying stock first. So dropshippers do not have stock of goods and only market products through social media or online stores. If an order occurs, the order is forwarded to the producer, supplier, or distributor and then the delivery will be made directly from the producer, supplier, or distributor to the consumer. Additionally, you can visit to learn to become a professional dropshipper.

According to the Kibo Code, the advantages of the dropshipping system when compared to other online business systems are:

1. Without Business Capital

This business system requires a small amount of capital, even without capital, because there is no need to buy stock items.

2. Minimal Risk

Classified as a business with minimal risk. This is because there is no risk of stock items being damaged or piling up. After all, they are not sold. Even if there is a risk, it may be limited to customer loyalty because dropshippers do not have the power to ensure product quality or delivery speed, for example you can read more here

3. Flexible

Selling with the online system can be done from anywhere and anytime.

4. No Special Skills Needed

Dropshipping business is quite easy to run without requiring any special skills, which means that everyone can run it.

Being a dropshipper in many countries does not need special terms and conditions. You only have to have electronic devices such as a laptop or smartphone and an adequate internet connection. Doing business as a dropshipper can be said to have great opportunities with various advantages. You can just try this business to get additional income.

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