The Importance Of Speaker Position

Without any help from audio video solutions corporation, it will be hard to get the best audio and visuals in the room. The closer the speakers are to the wall, the stronger the low-bass repro makes the music repo heavier. But there are some special speaker designs to be attached to the wall; they require amplification for frequency balance. The loudspeaker sounds low when placed away from the wall. When the speaker is placed near a wall, the bass energy will be reflected into the listening room in the same phase as the bass sound from the speaker. This means that the reflection of low notes amplifies the low notes that come out of the speaker.

The distance between the speaker to the rear wall of the speaker and the distance of the speaker to the side wall must not be the same. What should be avoided is the distance of the speaker to the side wall, not 1/3 the distance of the speaker to the back wall. We recommend that if the distance of the speaker to the side wall is 60 cm then the distance of the speaker to the back wall should be 80 cm. Several speaker manufacturers provide recommendations for the ideal distance of their speakers to the wall. Most importantly, the distance of the speaker to the side wall affects the sound reflected from the side wall to the listener. The bigger the side wall reflection sound heard by the listener, the worse the quality of the music heard. We will discuss this point in detail in our next article.

Find the position of the speaker and listener at the neutral point of the resonance and standing wave. The resonance characteristics of space are influenced by the dimensions of space. The resonance effect produces fattening at certain frequencies and attenuation of certain frequencies causing boomy bass. If the listening room has ideal dimensions, a more even distribution of resonance at each frequency results in better bass and a cleaner midrange than boomy bass membranes. In addition to the ideal room dimensions, speaker placement also affects sound resonance.

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